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In this new series created by Amanda Holland, one couple asks the question, "Would we be together in parallel universes?" Part 1 explores the lives of two assassins who met on the job, dated, but after the break up, how will Alex handle being told to take out her ex, Sam, after she tried to get out of the game.

STARRING Aliee Chan as Sam, Alyssa Ariel Perez as Alex, Jordan Shalhoub as Jess

Written/Directed by Amanda Holland

Sound: Alyssa Gonzalez

Lighting and camera support: Jen Pirante

Here is a new look at the feature film, Street Dreams Los Angeles (J&S Film Productions and Lucky Strike Film Studios). I play Agent Mendes, an FBI Agent who takes LAPD hopeful, Elijah Wilkins under her wing as he chases his dream to join the Bureau. Full length film will be premiering this fall. 

What do I get when I mix sports, tech, and new friends?! My dream commercial spot!!! I had fun yelling at the TV all day, which is my normal baseline while watching the big game. Enjoy below.

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