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Back Story  


I grew up all over lower Los Angeles County, which means those random little cities you pass on the 5 freeway on your way to Disneyland. My mother was a single parent, so I had to grow up fast. I started working at age ten, building and breaking down shipping pallets for $5/hr over my summer breaks. I developed that hustler mentality early on.


While in school, I knew I had to be close to the entertainment industry, so why not marry my skills in Finance with one of my first loves, Disney! After being rejected for over 12 internships, one finally stuck, and I ended up interning for two years, year round, while taking a full course load. This eventually led to another 6 years as a full time Finance/Accounting professional on the studio lot.


I had accomplished what I wanted up to that point, but I felt like I still wasn't exercising my full potential. That realization, along with the emboldened, racism, sexism, and classism that came with the last presidential election compelled me to use my creativity to make a difference in my own way. What people see in TV/Film is typically the primary way in which they educate themselves about other cultures. Historically, this hasn't always had positive impacts for marginalized people. So, I took classes at the Los Angeles Acting Corps, fell in love with the craft, quit my stable full time gig, and am now living more authentically in the moment, and more intentionally, in the movement.


Time to get to work.

Although I've always been a little performer, I did not initially set out to pursue this professionally. I'll admit, I went to college wanting to earn a great income from a "decent" job. Needed that economic stability you feel me? So, I busted my ass, got accepted to my dream school, the University of Southern California --with a full scholarship I might add--and graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration.


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