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We are so excited to announce Functional Season 2 has been selected for qFlix Philadelphia: The LGBTQ+ Festival, which will be held September 29th - October 3rd. We will be previewing Season 2 for the first time!!! Congratulations to the team!

Created by Daniel Luna

Written by Daniel Luna, Lys Perez, Demee Pilar

Directed by Cory Xenos, Lys Perez

Cinematography Oscar Alvarez

Sound Myte Sosa

I am grateful and ecstatic to have been selected for the Disney Television Discovers 20th Anniversary Talent Showcase! Congratulations to my fellow 2021 LA and NY cast mates!! LET'S. GET. IT!

This was my third year auditioning for the showcase, and I'm proud of myself for not giving up on it. Thank you to everyone who has supported my growth. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you.

Eastside Queer Stories Festival has gone digital this year in Radio Plays format on Spotify for FREE!

"Eastside Queer Stories is a performing arts festival that showcases 1-Act plays from the LGBTQIA+ community in Los Angeles. It began as the next level of development from Eastside Queer Storytelling events in East Los Angeles in 2014 to connect the LGBTQIA+ community outside of the bar and club scene." - Q Youth Foundation

I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to be in community with my fellow LGBTQIA+ peeps and bring unique, important stories to life. It was such an honor and thank you for having me!

Check out “Afterlife or Bust” by Librecht followed by an interview with the playwright.

Logline: While riding a Metro train, two strangers discuss their unfulfilled desires.

Directed by Abe Zapata Jr., Featuring Janice Robinson, Lys Perez, Kristie Villalon

Post Producer & Editor: Edwin Alexis Gómez

Sound Director & Composer: Ricardo Licea

Artwork by Féi Hernandez

Produced by Abe Zapata Jr, Brandon English and Ana Bernal

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