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Felicidades to the Functional Series Season 2 team for being nominated for Best New Media Series by The Official Latino Film and Arts Festival! Creator, Daniel Luna was also nominated for Best Actor in a Webisode/Sketch, and I was nominated for Best Actress in a Webisode or Sketch. It is a true honor to be recognized for our work by our community and peers. Thank you.

The Official Latino Film and Arts Festival will take place November 26 - November 30 and be completely virtual.

Deadline Article Announcement

Functional Series Season 2

Created by Daniel Luna

Directed by Cory Xenos and Lys Perez

Written by Daniel Luna, Lys Perez, and Demee Pilar

Cinematography by Oscar Alvarez

Sound by Myte Sosa

The First Color, has been selected for the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival 2021, which will take place virtually and in-person (in the Beverly Hills area) between September 13th and October 3rd! Bravo team!

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