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Sci-fi thriller feature film, An Electric Sleep, starring Lys Perez and Mikel Miller graced the big screen this passed weekend at the 2022 Culver City Film Festival to a packed house. We couldn't be more excited about the release of this film and what's ahead for its festival run. Congratulations and a major thank you to the entire team who made this possible! More to come!

Logline: A terminally ill teenager demands a cure from scientists for a disease they created.

An Electric Sleep was Written by Benjamin J. Taylor and Theo Brown, Directed by Theo Brown, and Produced by Commune Productions

Photos by: Steve Escarceg

Functional Series is nominated for Best Digital Entertainment for the 2022 Queerties! The Queerty Awards are in their 10th Anniversary, and we couldn't be more excited to be included. Thank you and congratulations to the Functional Squad!

Click here to vote for Functional Series and see other great LGBTQ content.

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