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STATE POWER, a virtual reality experience directed by Jeff Stanzler won the Impact Award at Toronto's Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS).

The Impact Award is earned by "a narrative experience that, in playing to the strengths of the medium, creates an indelible call to action or helps or affords a unique and empowering perspective with potentially positive sociological ramifications."

Needless to say, when I read the script and learned about the technological innovation behind this project, I knew I had to jump on board. Congratulations to the entire team! I'll see you in Hollywood at the Infinity Festival for the next exhibition.

Logline: Some months from now, in a new "Rule of Law" America, a remote prison camp brutally shackles five political prisoners. On the eve of their executions however, the Rebels forge a brazen and elaborate escape attempt.

STATE POWER is a web series thriller captured in state-of-the-art 360 degree virtual reality.

"Few virtual reality stories have taken advantage of the power of character and performance to drive the narrative. STATE POWER will put you in the center of a prison camp cell and surround you with five prisoners and two guards; each with their own secrets agendas and fears. By using the liberating 360 degree range of view, you will be able to empathize, strategize, and second guess all the decisions that the prisoners make as they face their executions. The confined nature of the prison cell and the timely political backdrop of the story will provide a unique opportunity for Virtual Reality Storytelling unlike anything we've seen before."

- STATE POWER Presentation deck

STATE POWER is already sparking passionate discussions below.

It will also be exhibiting at the Infinity Festival in Hollywood on Nov 7th-No 9th 2019. More to come on that.

Directed by Jeff Stanzler

Producer: Lauren Brooks

DP: Barry Braverman

Starring: Lys Perez (Alyssa Perez), Larry Ervin, David Graff, Brandon Mitchell, Meredith O'Connor, Jonathan Van Merring, Anthony Potter, Marvin Edmonds

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